Friday, March 9, 2012

India Offer for World Cup in 2015

Mr. Praful Patel president of AIFF launched the contry’s bid to host the important 2015 World Cup and the U-17 World Cup in 2017. FIFA Tournaments President of Mr. Sepp Blatter also presence on Friday.

The decision on the hosts of the two tournaments would be taken later March month by the FIFA executive committee in Zurich. When FIFA played in January had agreed in principle to award the U-17 world Cup of India, AIFF’s decision to offer for the Club World Cup came as a revelation.

FIFA 2015 World Cup
Blatter, who was second visitor to India. Blatter said that country enjoys his blessings to host the U-17 World Cup since it would be a step in the right step.

"The U-17 World Cup” fits India's scheme of things. It will be a step in the right way in terms of grass roots development. There is a good positive option. But I am not the only one in FIFA who decides.

"The judgment has to be taken by the executive group of the FIFA. But India have to start working now with the U-12 teams," said Blatter, flanked by two executive committee members Zhang Zilong, also the president of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), and Manilal Fernando.

Blatter was non-committal about the important Club World Cup, but Blatter asked: "Why not? There is a possibility that the tournament will be played in Asia. The present Indian clubs doesn't match the standards. But if it is played in India then the country's top team will play in the tournament."

Patel told to Blatter that he would get all the bid papers before leaving the country.
Mr. Blatter promises to Patel he will get all the bid papers before leaving India. The AIFF will put in its best efforts to get the two tournament game.


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