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China Prepared to Replicate Gold Sweep up in Table Tennis

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With two ping pong individual men and women gold awards in side, China suppliers is ready to get the staying two as both its females and gents group have marched into the finals of London, uk Olympic Games.

China's females and gents groups beaten Malaysia and Southern region South korea respectively on Thursday, labels a step nearer to another gold brush in ping pong at the Olympic Games.

The gents semifinal was perhaps the most fascinating go with China suppliers has ever held in London, uk. The In in german group drawn China suppliers into a 156-minute go with, the greatest one in London, uk for the China who usually steamrolled competitors.

"I sensed very anxious. There was a moving moment that I thought we might drop the go with," Liu Guoliang, go trainer of the gents group, said.

Liu's worry might partially come from the below-par efficiency of Zhang Jike, who won the gold honor of gents ping pong individual men and women in London, uk four days ago.

Zhang, showing anxious and distressed, frequently skipped the golf paintballs in his go with against Germany's Time Boll. Boll, on the opposite, seemed to have retrieved from his bad start in the Olympic competition, and was firm and competitive. He defeat Zhang 3-1, placing China suppliers and Malaysia at 1-1 after the first two individual men and women.

China's Ma Lengthy beaten Germany's Dimitrij Ovtcharov, London, uk Olympic brown medalist, 3-1 in the first individual men and women go with.

Zhang's efficiency enhanced in the following enhances with the force from team mate Wang Hao. They handled to win the center go with 3-1, placing China suppliers back on a lead position. Ma properly secured China's success in it all go with against Steger 3-0.

"After he lost the individual men and women, I told him to clean his experience in the restroom to clean up. He needs to forget the individual men and women and modify himself to battle for the enhances," Liu said.

Wang, who has won three Olympic individual gold awards in a row from Athens 2004 to London, uk 2012, performed a key role in the enhances. He kept forcing and speaking with Zhang during the go with.

"I tried to give Zhang as much motivation and know-how as possible during the experience. I've performed in so many group contests so I can really help the younger gamers in these situations," Wang said.

German trainer Jorg Rosskopf said it was a bad that they had the sketch to play China suppliers in the semifinals.

"There were some small chances, and we conducted for it. But the China group is very strong. There is good way to go before we can defeat them," he said.

China will experience Southern region South korea in the gents group last on Wed. Southern region South korea defeat Hong Kong, China suppliers 3-0 in the semifinals. Malaysia will contest with Hong Kong for the brown honor.
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In comparison to the strength in the gents group semifinals, China's women gamers cruised into the ultimate after a clean brush in the semifinals against Southern region South korea.

China fielded its most powerful development with recently crowned London, uk Olympic successful Li Xiaoxia and London, uk gold medalist Damage Ning enjoying the first two individual men and women, and Guo Yue/Li enjoying the enhances.

The China player kept an advantage in the semifinals and won all three suits 3-0. The Southern region South korea gamers didn't get the chance to win even one individual activity.

China will contest with Asia for the females group gold on Wed.

Shi Zhihao, go trainer of China's females group, said the Japoneses have made a lot of success in the past year, especially Ai Fukuhara and Ksumi Ishikawa.

"They defeat Singapore in the semifinals by an overall ranking of 3-0, and Singapore won just one activity in the tie. If China suppliers performed Singapore, I'm not sure we could win and drop only one activity," Shi said.

"I think we need to see Asia in a new light. We are really going to have to battle hard for the gold honor," Shi said.

South Southern region korea will contest with Singapore for the females group brown honor on Wed.

China has won 22 of 26 gold awards available since ping pong was presented into the Olympic games in 1988. Four years ago in China, it took away all six awards in the females and gents individual men and women, plus gold in both group activities.


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